Who we are

Growing up on a farm in southern Ontario meant you had to work with your hands. At ten years old, there was no getting out of feeding that rooster.

Now 50 years later, the work ethic and perfectionism passed down from a long line of good hearted farming perfectionists has translated into a love of woodworking.

Teaming up with his son in law whose love of craft brews all but surpasses his love of wood working, Hop & Grain has been created.

At Hop & Grain, our sole motivation is to provide you with the very best quality of handmade artistry using locally sourced Ontario wood. Our simple designs draw on the natural elegance of the wood bringing beauty and functionality to all of your gatherings.

-Steve and Joel

 What we value

We were all meant for community. And our communities are stronger when we're all present. Building on the strength of our roots in the farming community--where gathering, sharing, and coming along side one another has been the way of life for generations, we have established Hop & Grain.

At Hop & Grain, our motivation is to bring the strength of community to each of our customer's homes by creating pieces that simply bring people together. 

How do our values translate into what we do?


  • Attention and detail given to each unique piece we create
  • Hand chosen pieces based on the natural beauty of their grain, colour, and character
  • Locally sourced Ontario wood that reduces the environmental impact on our communities
  • Honest and open communication with each of our customers
  • and the honest feedback that only comes from family during our creation process making our products that much more refined