Togetherness—September 19th @sollgoodsocialmarket

Charcuterie Board Market Table

We love markets. We've only been to a few— we're really just starting out, but we absolutely love them. Why? Because of the community. Community is what we're all about. After all, it's through community that we are welcomed, grow, and have the opportunity to give back.

And a good market is an organic community builder. At it's simplest form, a market brings people together, but if you look closer, it's so much more. A market is a gathering place for people to support each others as we pursue our dreams. It opens us up to a world of perspectives, journeys, and creativity through the craft and gifts of others. As we gather, we both support each other and nurture growth, exploration, and togetherness. And it is through this togetherness that we experience the richness of life. 

Last week we had the absolute privilege of joining the @sollgoodsocialmarket in the lovely community of Ingersoll. The organizers, @dwellurbanboutique and @mmm.chocolatea did an outstanding job fostering a gathering place of welcome. We had the most lovely conversations with both the other vendors and community members alike—experiencing encouragement and having the opportunity to encourage others.  The music, the inviting gathering space, the local fresh food, and of course the community all came together to create the coziest of outdoor markets. 

The only solace of having to pack up and leave at the end of the night, was knowing we would be back again in September. 

It's where you'll find usSeptember 19th. Come join us and experience the sollgood community of Ingersoll.